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Top 7 Spring Beverage Essentials for the Cottage

Top 7 Spring Beverage Essentials for the Cottage

Spring is here and that means it is time to head north to the cottage. For others it may be more road trips or outdoor adventures! To us, nothing completes the cottage experience like relaxing in a Muskoka chair with your favourite beverage in hand - whether it's wine or beer, a hot mug of coffee or espresso, or a hand crafted cocktail.

So to complete your cottage experience, we have gone through our warehouse and curated our list of must have Spring Essentials! 

1. Gourmet du Village Drink Mixes in Frose, CocoLime Margarita and Mojito Mixes

Get a taste of summer early with these delicious drink mixes, all you need is your favourite alcohol, blender and some ice and voila! Cocktail hour is here! No need to leave your front porch!

Drink Mix in Coco-Lime Margarita

2. Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Soft Cooler

Extreme insulation, easy loading wide mouth and totally leakproof; its perfect for a venture to the cottage, on the boat or taking some cold drinks to a friend’s fire pit. Snatch it up in this year’s Spring colour, Bimini Pink and get noticed even in the middle of the lake.

Yeti Soft Flip Cooler

3. Smeg Electric Kettle

A perfect addition in any kitchen with its retro-inspired look and sophisticated colours, auto shut off, easy water level indicator and a removable, washable stainless-steel limescale filter, combine looks with quality with this Smeg kettle. 

Smeg Electric Kettle in Chrome!

4. Breville Barista Pro in Damson Navy

The ultimate in an automatic espresso machine. This machine is ready for a lazy Saturday mornings or a room full of guests. Equipped with a grinder, hands free milk texturing, 3 second heat up time and automatic dosing to make all your barista dreams come true. Pair with your favourite, non-oily whole beans and there will be no need for a Starbucks in your future! 

 5. Yeti Wine Tumbler

Wine lovers unite! Nothing worse than warm white wine… combat warm hands and hot days with this insulated wine tumbler with included Magslider® lid!

YETI Wine Tumbler in Sandstone Pink

 6. Smeg Drip Coffee Maker

Say goodbye to your old boring drip coffee maker. With this 50’s style drip coffee maker, style meets functionality. You can adjust the intensity of the coffee to make it the perfect pot of coffee for any of your guests! Plus with an auto start function, your mornings at the cottage can be met with hot coffee waiting for you.

Smeg Drip Coffee Maker in Cream

 7. Chemex Drip Coffee Maker

Best paired with the Chemex Bonded Coffee Filters (or any filters that fit), the coffee only touches the filter and the non-porous glass making a perfect, sediment free coffee without the bitterness! Customize your own coffee and make a Saturday morning great with a high quality brew. All you need is your favourite medium ground beans and hot water (with your new Smeg Kettle), making it a perfect addition for the cottage!


Coffee and cold drinks, what could be better for Spring! What a perfect time to get outside and enjoy with some amazing equipment by your side. 

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