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Comparison of Zwilling Enfinigy versus Technivorm Moccamaster

Zwilling Enfinigy vs. Technivorm Moccamaster: Is the higher price point worth it?

With two different price tags, similar designs and the search for the perfect cup of coffee, read along as we decide if the Zwilling Enfinigy Coffee Maker can really stand up to the well-known Technivorm Moccamaster!

Comparing the Zwilling Enfinigy against the Technivorm Moccamaster

 Design and Features

When looking at the design, both machines fit the retro feel of a drip coffee maker from the 70’s. The Zwilling has taken “inspiration” from the design of the Technivorm, and similar footprints make fitting on your countertop an easy choice! The Technivorm has more metal in its design allowing for better ability to repair and greater longevity (Fun fact: ECS Coffee is even a certified repair centre for Technivorm). The Zwilling is very plastic heavy in design, making us question its long-term use. Zwilling is made in China while the Technivorm is handmade in the Netherlands, making the Moccamaster have the first point on quality of design.

Both coffee makers are SCA Certified, but the Technivorm boasts a 5-year warranty while the Zwilling Enfinigy only holds a 3-year warranty. It should be noted however, that a 3-year warranty is more than most manufacturers offer.

 To get started, the Moccamaster is as simple as switching the ON/OFF button on the side, and then flipping the switch for either a half carafe or full carafe. The Zwilling however, allows more room for customizations including water hardness, cleaning mode, bloom features and a programable timer, making your mornings go a little smoother with coffee on demand.

 Both coffee makers come equipped with a destratification tube (the first which allows for a more consistent tasting pot of coffee), and a drip stop to so no coffee gets on the drip tray. For features, Zwilling gets 1 point! 

Comparing the Zwilling Enfinigy versus the Technivorm Moccamaster

Brewing and Taste

Although the Zwilling features a higher cup capacity in their water reservoir than the Moccamaster, it should be noted that measurements are using European standards. Each pot of coffee only makes about 4 to 5 cups of a standard North American mug.  Technivorm drip coffee makers have always boasted their speed and when tested in store, the Technivorm outperformed the Zwilling when brewing a standard pot of coffee by about 4 minutes. In terms of taste there was very little difference and if you have your grind right (and pick a good coffee) you are in for a treat with both machines! For Speed, 1 point for Technivorm. For taste, each gets 1 point!  

Specifications for Comparison


Zwilling Enfinigy

Moccamaster KBGV

Water tank Capacity




Plastic, stainless-steel boiler

Metal, copper boiler, plastic

Country of Origin




Water hardness, bloom function, timer, warming plate

ON/OFF Switch, ½ Carafe or Full Carafe switch, warming plate

Brew Time

Over 9 minutes

6 minutes

Dimensions (inches)

13.70 H x 12.80 W x 6.02 L

14 H x 12.75 W x 6.5 D

Warranty 3 year manufacturer warranty through Zwilling 5 year manufacturer warranty through Technivorm

The Verdict

 If you’re looking to save a few dollars, the Zwilling Enfinigy is a great choice, with its customization options, and the ability to set the machine on a timer, may make up for the fact that you will be waiting about 3 minutes longer for your pot of coffee! If money is no object, the Technivorm is the clear choice with quality of build and longevity!

Want to learn more? Check out our Zwilling Enfinigy vs Technivorm Moccamaster video on Youtube! 

What machine would you like to see us compare next?

See our full range of Drip Coffee Makers here!

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