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Unleashing Barista Skills at Home

Unleashing Barista Skills at Home: A Comprehensive Review of the Breville Barista Touch Impress

Coffee enthusiasts and home baristas rejoice! The Breville Barista Touch Impress is here to elevate your espresso-making skills and provide an exceptional coffee experience. With its sleek design, intuitive touchscreen interface, and advanced features like Barista Guidance, this espresso machine promises to bring the café vibe right into your kitchen. 

More of a visual learner? Jump to the bottom of this page to watch a video review! 

Unleashing Barista Skills at Home!

Sleek Design

The Barista Touch Impress boasts a modern and elegant design that effortlessly blends into any kitchen setting. Its brushed stainless-steel finish exudes a professional look, while the compact footprint ensures it doesn't take up excessive counter space. The machine's build quality is outstanding, with sturdy materials that convey durability and reliability.

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

One of the standout features of the Barista Touch Impress is its user-friendly touchscreen interface. The 3.5-inch colour display guides you through the espresso-making process, allowing you to select your preferred coffee style, adjust the grind size, and customize the extraction parameters. The Barista Guidance interface provides clear and concise instructions, making it easy for beginners to learn and experiment with different coffee recipes.


Unleashing Barista Skills at Home!


Precise Espresso Extraction

Equipped with Breville's advanced ThermoJet heating system and a powerful 15-bar Italian pump, the Barista Touch Impress ensures optimal water temperature and pressure for extracting espresso. The machine also offers precise control over extraction time, allowing you to fine-tune your brews to perfection. Whether you prefer a rich, intense shot or a longer, milder extraction, this machine caters to your preferences with ease.

Integrated Grinder

Say goodbye to the hassle of using a separate grinder because the Barista Touch Impress features a built-in hardened steel conical burr grinder. With adjustable grind size settings, you can dial in the perfect coarseness to suit your chosen coffee beans and extraction style. Freshly ground coffee beans significantly enhance the flavour profile of your espresso, and having a grinder conveniently integrated into the machine streamlines the brewing process.


Unleashing Barista Skills at Home!


Customization and Memory

The Barista Touch Impress offers an impressive level of customization, allowing you to adjust various parameters to suit your taste. You can program and save up to eight personalized coffee settings, making it effortless to recreate your favourite espresso recipes time and time again. The machine also remembers your preferred milk temperature, texture, and type ensuring consistent results and eliminating guesswork.

Milk Frothing and Latte Art

For those who enjoy milk-based espresso beverages, the Barista Touch Impress comes with an automatic steam wand that simplifies the frothing process. The wand automatically adjusts the temperature and texture of the milk, producing silky microfoam for lattes, cappuccinos, and more. With practice, you'll be able to create latte art masterpieces, impressing both yourself and your guests. Are you an alternative milk drinker? The Barista Touch Impress let's you select your type of milk and changes how it froths accordingly! 


Unleashing Barista Skills at Home!

Is This Machine for You? 

The Breville Barista Touch Impress is a game-changer for home baristas seeking an intuitive and versatile espresso machine. Its sleek design, touchscreen interface, precise extraction capabilities, and integrated grinder make it a joy to use. Whether you're a novice looking to explore the world of espresso-making or an experienced coffee connoisseur, this machine caters to all skill levels. With the Barista Touch Impress, you can enjoy café-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to savour every sip and embark on an endless journey of coffee exploration.

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  • Your coffee makers are next level, and gorgeous

    Jay Presnail
  • Love our Jura E6 and Rufino Super Bar

    Dr Frank Korody
  • ❤️❤️Love my Breville Barista Express….. love it so much that I burnt one out over 9 years and have had my second one for 6 years!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Shelley Kindlemam

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